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Design Process: Going,  Going, Gone [2023]


A mood board showing my initial inspirations and areas of research.

This was a piece of contemporary dance about pinball machines and Newtons laws of mass. The soundtrack was chaotic electronic music reminiscent of a 90's slot machine game.

I designed, sourced and made the costumes for this piece for a group of 15 students at Laban Conservatoire.

This is a relatively fast paced project with five days to develop and negotiate a design whilst the choreography is created (and the costumes realized) over the following month.


I have included some images of my design process for this project starting with a mood board, a rough sketch showing some different directions I considered taking this design and my final design drawing. 

The pink strips were made from reflective fabric which was designed to compliment the first section of the performance where they played with a handheld light. 

Choreographers: Alice Sara and Melanie Clarke

Lighting: MIckie Mannion

Performers appearing in photograph: Millie Parker, Mioka Sato, Tuva Bergland.

Photography: Stephen Berkeley White


A rough sketch exploring different directions this design could go.


This is my final design, showing the slight variation between the stripes.

Here is how the costumes turned out, see more pictures under 'Trinity Laban, Live performance'.

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