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'People Need People'

Inspired by the Benjamin Zephaniah poem 'People need people' this was an upbeat piece of contemporary dance about community and the ties which connect us all.

I designed, sourced and made the costumes for this piece for a group of 18 students at Laban Conservatoire.

Choreographer: Amarnah Amuludun

Lighting: PJ Davy

Performers appearing in photographs: Abigail Thomas, Alice Herzog, Deborah Asidi, Asher Norridge, Evi Toyne, Honor Petitt, Olivia Young, Georgia Bright Ronchetti, Lydia Punch, Ya Shu.

Photography: Stephen Berkeley White

Screenshot_20240214-131321_Samsung Internet_edited.jpg
Screenshot_20240214-131524_Samsung Internet_edited.jpg

This piece was made about pinball machines and newtons laws of mass. The soundtrack was chaotic electronic music reminiscent of a 90's slot machine game.

I designed, sourced and made the costumes for this piece for a group of 15 students at Laban Conservatoire.

Choreographers: Alice Sara and Melanie Clarke

Lighting: MIckie Mannion

Performers appearing in photographs: Georgia Crossland, Ingeborg Kallhovd, Millie Parker, Mioka Sato, Sophie Austin, Tuva Bergland.

Photography: Stephen Berkeley White

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